Transforming policy into action: The InsuResilience Program Alliance

The Program Alliance is the InsuResilience Global Partnership’s collaborative delivery vehicle. It brings together donors, implementing partners and programmes that share the common ambition of strengthening the financial resilience of poor and vulnerable people against climate and disaster risks. In line with the strategic InsuResilience Vision 2025, it aims to harmonise donor contributions and promote coherence across the in-country work of member programmes. To this end, the members of the Alliance drive the development, implementation and financing of Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) solutions and come together to jointly facilitate technical collaboration across programmes.  

The Program Alliance was set up in November 2017, in line with the launch of the Partnership. Its members are:

In 2021, the Program Alliance continued its interactive exchanges around modes of cooperation and coordination of in-country activities to drive forward the delivery of solutions in vulnerable countries and ensure coherence across each member’s respective programmes. Moreover, the Program Alliance members provided substantial technical insights and were instrumental for the design of the InsuResilience Principles on SMART Premium and Capital Support as well as providing critical inputs to the enhancement of the Global CDRFI Architecture, laying a pathway for concrete contributions to follow in 2022.

The Alliance was chaired by UK (represented through Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, FCDO) and grew in membership through the addition of Asian Development Bank’s Asia-Pacific Climate Finance Fund (ACliFF). For 2022, Germany (represented through Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ) was selected as Chair to the Alliance and will lead the group to contribute to a more coherent Global CDRFI Architecture, in alignment with the Global Shield against Climate Risks initiative under its G7 presidency. To achieve a systematic, coherent and sustained approach to strengthen the CDRFI architecture, three main objectives are proposed as part of the Global Shield:

  1. Establishing a truly global, flexible and collaborative financial vehicle,
  2. Strengthening cooperation within the global CDRFI architecture to overcome fragmentation,
  3. Committing to sustained protection from increasing climate risks through the endorsement of the
    InsuResilience Principles for SMART Premium and Capital Support.