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It is our ambition to provide financial protection against climate and disaster risk

InsuResilience Around the Globe

The InsuResilience Global Partnership supports implementing programmes and projects related to Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI). These are implemented by our members and partners across the globe, with the ambitious goal of providing financial protection against climate and disaster risk for 500 million people annually by 2025.
In 2021, 24 implementing programmes were operating under the InsuResilience umbrella with 324 projects in 108 countries.
The following map shows all active projects and aggregates information on the country level. The country circles indicate the number of projects per country. By clicking on a country circle, you can find out which programmes operate in the respective country, how many people in the country benefit from our solutions and how those figures disaggregate across hazards, instruments, and programmes. It is also indicated whether a comprehensive Disaster Risk Finance strategy is under development.
The different available colour shadings indicate levels of overall risk, vulnerability and readiness for financial solutions per country (only available for countries with active IGP projects).
The programme data was collected during November / December 2021 by the InsuResilience Secretariat and includes implementation data for the calendar year 2021. All related figures are based on estimations by the Secretariat according to the Vision 2025 M&E framework. Levels of risk, vulnerability and readiness are based on the InsuRisk Assessment Tool. Complementary coverage for multiple perils or insurance layers might lead to beneficiary figures that exceed local populations in a few cases.

InsuResilience M&E Framework
InsuRisk Assessment Tool
Number of Projects
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Overall Risk
Countries without Projects

Overview of InsuResilience Programmes

The 24 implementing programmes support the development of the full range of CDRFI instruments and build up financial protection against the majority of climate-related hazards.

Target Group

The InsuResilience Global Partnership has a dedicated focus on poor and vulnerable people. As per HLCG decision in June 2021, the target group is defined as follows:

„The target group of the InsuResilience Global Partnership are poor and vulnerable people who live in countries with a considerable vulnerability to climate change. This currently includes all individuals living on less than $15 PPP per day in member countries of the V20 Group or countries on the DAC list of ODA recipients. It is recognized that to target vulnerability such income threshold is limited to the extent that it does not consider risk exposure of individuals. This can be addressed through additional research, helping to ensure the Partnership’s target group is captured adequately.“

M&E Background Note, p. 3