Centre for Disaster Protection

The Centre for Disaster Protection (the Centre) aims to strengthen pre-disaster planning, data-driven early action and to use risk financing tools for cost-effective, rapid and reliable emergency response.

The Centre is funded by UK Aid through the Prosperity Fund and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The Centre provides expertise on disaster risk financing by offering not only input on budgetary and financial tools available to governments to ensure that money is available on a timely basis, but also by developing effective systems to plan and deliver that support to the most vulnerable people, ideally in a way that reduces future risks and needs.

This is achieved through:

  1. Quality assurance methodologies to increase the quality and quantity of risk financing products and services;
  2. Technical assistance and capacity building to support high risk vulnerable countries make better risk management decisions;
  3. Provide an evidence base through applied research to focus on identifying effective solutions and examples of proven best practice in effectively reaching poor and vulnerable people.

For more information, please contact Daniel Clarke (dclarke@disasterprotection.org)