RISK TALK – an Exchange on Climate Risk Solutions

Do you have a question concerning climate risk transfer solutions? The interactive exchange community RISK TALK can provide you with a tailor-made answer from experts all over the world.

Risk transfer solutions can help vulnerable countries and communities to effectively manage their climate change related risks. Implementing financial strategies to cope with the risks help to make people more resilient. However, people in vulnerable countries and communities often have little knowledge about the concept and tools of risk transfer and how it can support them in becoming more resilient because of a lack of institutions and providers in the respective countries. This knowledge gap therefore prevents those who would need risk transfer solutions to make use of them. While the internet might give some general solutions, it does not provide specific answers that the people would need to develop their risk strategies.

Therefore, RISK TALK was launched last November by InsuResilience and UNFCCC in contribution to the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts.  RISK TALK is the lighthouse feature of the Fiji Clearing House for Risk Transfer and the solution to closing the knowledge gaps. RISK TALK aims to enable a faster and better exchange on risk transfer solutions. By connecting interested people with little or no expertise with experts from all over the world, the interactive exchange community shall help users to develop and implement effective risk management strategies.

RISK TALK is based on a self-learning, intelligent algorithm developed by Starmind. Users can enter anonymously any question through a simple web interface, which is then directed to a pool of experts identified by the system. The selected experts can provide users with tailor-made answers to their specific questions. The accuracy and completeness of a proposed solution can be judged through a rating system open to all users. Experts are selected based on the question-related actions a user performs, such as answering, commenting, recommending other experts or rating in the question-linked knowledge areas.

Users can also view questions of other participants and follow questions they are interested in. Thereby RISK TALK enables users to expand their network and participate in an active exchange with other stakeholders working on climate risk transfer.
Since the launch of RSIK TALK, 253 users have joined the interactive exchange community. To help the community grow, new members are invited to join.

Here you can join RISK TALK: https://insuresilience.org/risktalk/register/