Rewind to the Climate Adaptation Summit

Within the scope of the Climate Adaptation Summit, the Partnership’s Annual Report 2020 was launched in an interactive online format for the first time! The InsuResilience Secretariat kindly invites readers to learn about Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) action across the globe. This 2020 Annual Report titled “Climate and Disaster Resilience in a world of uncertainty”, highlights our partner’s projects and activities in different regions and illustrates the Partnership’s impact through testimonies and data. 

Backed up with a new €120 million commitment by BMZ, the InsuResilience Global Partnership was also featured in the High-Level Event of the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 by Chancellor Angela Merkel, who underlined the importance of funding climate risk finance and insurance:  

“This allows the InsuResilience Global Partnership to intensify its multilateral engagement and work towards its Vision 2025: Insuring 500 million poor and vulnerable people against devastating climate shocks such as crop failures or floods by 2025.”  

You can listen to  Chancellor Angela Merkel’s opening remark at CAS here. 

In addition to Merkel’s intervention. the Climate Adaptation Summit featured another intervention from Ibrahima DiongUnited Nations Assistant Secretary General (ASG) and Director General of the African Risk Capacity (ARC) Group. During the Finance anchoring event she discussed how to ensure climate risks are accounted for in all financial decision-making processes. Rewatch the sessions here . 

Finally, there was aintervention from Claudia Thyme, director of Emerging Markets Development at Axa XL, during the Anchoring event on disaster risk management. This session addressed the need to invest in people-centred early warning and early action with a focus on vulnerable populations in low-income countries and small island developing states.  You can rewatch this session here .