First InsuResilience Partnership Forum at COP23 – register now

Bonn, 24/10/2017 – In times of increasing stresses on natural and social systems from climate-related extreme weather events, financial protection has been recognized as an important area for international cooperation. At COP23, the “InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions” will be launched, which aims to enable more timely and reliable post-disaster response, reducing humanitarian impacts, helping poor and vulnerable people recover more quickly and strengthening local resilience over time.

Against this backdrop, the first InsuResilience Partnership Forum provides an opportunity for all partners to a dialogue on innovation and concerted action to expand climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions. The goal is to exchange experience and knowledge, and raise awareness about risk finance and insurance by engaging all stakeholders of the Partnership.

InsuResilience Partnership Forum
on Thursday, 16 November, 9.00-17.30 (CET)
at Deutsche Welle, Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3, Bonn, Germany

All partners from G20, V20 and other countries, international organizations and representatives from civil society and the private sector are invited to join the Partnership Forum and be part of a global collaboration to define new responses where they are needed most.

The event will kick off with two panel discussions featuring representatives of the Global Partnership as well as experts in the field of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance. In the afternoon, participants will reflect on needs and opportunities to deliver and to encourage commitment to disaster and climate risk finance solutions in parallel working groups. The outcomes will spur priority action areas geared to improving the financial protection of poor and vulnerable people against the impacts of natural disasters. To learn more, please download the agenda for the day.

Please note that the event will take place outside of the official COP23 zones, so you will not need accreditation with UNFCCC in order to participate.

Please note that the registration is closed as the event has already taken place.

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