Innovative Solutions for Inclusive Insurance: the A2ii Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab

The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab (iii-lab) is an international capacity-building programme where four countries’ multi-stakeholder teams work on innovative solutions to advance the development of their insurance market. During the 18-month process, scheduled from January 2020 to June 2021, approximately 60 inclusive insurance leaders seek to answer the key question of the lab: How can we develop our insurance markets?

Following the worldwide lockdown, the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) and Reos Partners have successfully reformatted the iii-lab processes that were initially envisaged as a series of live national and international workshops and meetings. All four country teams – Argentina, India, Morocco, and Rwanda – are now continuing their learning journeys online.

The Argentinian team has recently completed its national workshop on the theme of women’s access to insurance and Rwanda is on track to complete its national workshop by the end of June. Moroccan and Indian national workshops took place in early March. India is focusing their innovation work on customer centricity, awareness, distributors, and insurance processes, while Morocco chose to focus on SMEs and informal workers.

The mechanics of inclusive insurance innovation 

The iii-lab promotes dialogue and mutual learning among key stakeholders (regulators, insurers, banks, brokers, insurer associations) in the inclusive insurance sector to inspire participants to take action and leadership within their sectors and organisations. Teams meet and collaborate on both the national and international levels, benefiting from peer knowledge, exchange and cooperation. They are supported throughout the process by experienced change facilitators while they work together to prototype innovative solutions to disrupt their insurance markets 

For all teams, the new virtual format is supplemented by on-going topical webinars, global meetings and coaching “clinics”.

To follow the progress of the lab, check the lab page and the A2ii newsletters for updates. To find out more about the process, read the report on the first iii-lab which took place from 2017-2018 with Albania, Ghana, Kenya and Mongolia as participants. 

Without the support of the Dutch Government, the Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab would not have been possible. 

Contribution by Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii)