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The InsuResilience Global Partnership for Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions brings together countries, civil society, international organizations, the private sector, and academia. It particularly builds on a collaboration between the G20 and the V20 countries.

Why join?

Membership in the InsuResilience Global Partnership enables countries and stakeholders to engage with and shape a growing community around building financial protection to disasters. This entails multiple benefits, such as access to knowledge, finance, expertise, and services. It also provides the opportunity to contribute to future policy, practice, and investments.

Working through the Program Alliance partners, governments can pursue customized training and assistance, to identify cost-effective financial mechanisms for their countries. International development partners can work together to meet strategic development priorities. Civil society and NGOs can engage with stakeholders on all levels and help to promote best practice; while the private sector can test the usability of existing insurance solutions, be guided in product innovation, and foster market development.

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How to become a member?

The Partnership is inclusive and open to stakeholders aligned to the vision of the Partnership.

Countries and organizations that share the vision and contribute to the objectives of the Partnership can request membership. Any committed country and multilateral institution can become a core member of the Partnership. Non-governmental entities can become supporting members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the InsuResilience Secretariat for further information.


More than 118 partners from governments, civil society, international organizations, academia and the industry have already expressed their support and commitment to engage and contribute to the Global Partnership. They support the Joint Statement that was communicated at COP23 in Bonn.





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