The InsuResilience Global Partnership is active around the globe. This map shows all active projects and aggregates country information. The country circles indicate the number of country projects of InsuResilience implementing programmes. Click on one of the countries to find out which programmes implement projects in that country, how many people in a country benefit from our solutions and whether there is a comprehensive Disaster Risk Finance strategy in place. The color levels indicate the overall risk level estimated with the InsuRisk tool.
The programme data was collected during November/December 2020 as part of our efforts to monitor progress towards our key indicators. All related figures are based on estimations by the InsuResilience Secretariat according to the Vision 2025 M&E framework. The InsuRisk overall risk levels were estimated using the InsuRisk tool.

Methodology: Disaster Risk and Readiness for Insurance Solutions in Small Island Developing States (
Number of Projects
Higher Lower
Overall Risk
Countries without Projects