The InsuResilience Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF)

The InsuResilience Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) was established in 2017 to implement the InsuResilience initiative, increase the financial resilience of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries against natural disasters, and boost their capacity to meet post-disaster funding needs sustainably. It will achieve this objective by developing and implementing insurance solutions to increase the financial response capacity of governments, and strengthen the domestic catastrophe insurance markets.

The InsuResilience MDTF finances activities within the following four components:
1) Analytical work required to move from the concept stage to the implementation-ready stage, e.g. through fiscal risk assessments and risk analytics.
2) Technical assistance for the preparation and implementation of specific insurance programmes, e.g. through technical, legal and operational feasibility studies.
3) Cost-sharing of market-based risk transfer solutions, e.g. through co-financing start-up and operating costs of insurance vehicles.
4) Activities related to monitoring and evaluation, visibility, policy and knowledge management.

The MDTF is administered by GFDRR/World Bank Group.