The Asia-Pacific Climate Finance Fund (ACliFF)

In May 2017, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, together with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), launched the Asia-Pacific Climate Finance Fund (ACliFF). ACliFF will financially support the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures of participating countries towards their NDCs, and safeguard any remaining risk with climate risk insurances. In light of the Paris Agreement, ACliFF will facilitate the investment of private capital into global climate protection.

The aim of ACliFF is to: i) reduce carbon emissions and increase adaptation measures; ii) leverage climate investment by reducing the risks of adoption and uptake of climate technology in high-priority sectors outlined in nationally-determined contributions and other national climate plans; and iii) offer demand side support for climate risk insurance to address any remaining climate risks which cannot be efficiently managed by the current adaptation infrastructure. ACliFF has two components: a trust fund, managed by the ADB, and technical assistance.