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Pro-Poor Principles of the InsuResilience Global Partnership

The InsuResilience Pro-Poor Principles presented here strive to align all partners, who will endeavor to meet them in their objectives related to driving forward the ambitious agenda of the Partnership. They will build on the momentum for improving the resilience impact for vulnerable groups and communities through a people centered approach. The following Principles distill experience, evidence and good practice in realizing climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions that increase the resilience of poor and vulnerable people. The Principles align with, and promote a human rights based approach to climate and disaster risk finance (both in terms of their attainment as well as the process requirements indicated by a such an approach), and aim to actively support endeavors for more gender responsive disaster risk financing mechanisms. The Principles are aspirational and share emerging experiences of Members’ efforts to embed a people-centered approach within their respective operations, thereby outlining ways to contribute to the Partnership’s objective.

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Climate & Disaster Risk Management, Monitoring & Evaluation / Impact, Risk Finance










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