Guidance Notes

InsuResilience Sectoral Community Recommendations on Integrated Resilience Approaches in Agriculture

The Sectoral Community (SC) on Integrated Resilience Approaches in Agriculture was developed to inform, design and test innovative integrated solutions in the agricultural sector, as well as support the development of funding criteria for such projects.

Following a series of meetings and presentations the SC issued the following guidance for those designing projects and developing proposals for integrated resilience approaches in agriculture and those funding these projects.

For project designers and developers, it is recommended to identify the resilience objectives and risk management activities, as well as cost-effective and complementary options. Furthermore, they should seek feedback from various stakeholders and build on existing evidence and best practices.

The recommendations for funders include classifying the integration of various stages and processes as an investment objective, considering cost-effectiveness, enabling and incentivizing the use of sound economic risk modelling, and taking into account unintended consequences and tradeoffs. Funders should also pursue a principles-based approach when making investment decisions.

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Topic / Theme:

Agriculture, Climate & Disaster Risk Management, Risk Finance








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