InsuResilience Magazine No. 2 – November 2022

The second InsuResilience Magazine issue provides a deep dive into the Global Shield against Climate Risks from different perspectives through four interesting pieces, contributed by leaders and experts under the Partnership: 

  • An exclusive interview with H.E. Minister Seedy Keitaof the Gambia and Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Bärbel Kofler of Germany, Co-Chairs of the InsuResilience High-Level Consultative Group, who share their views on the Global Shield. 
  • An Op-Ed by Daniel Stadtmüller, Senior Policy Advisor at the InsuResilience Secretariat, explains what the Global Shield is all about and how it will contribute to advancing development and building resilience in vulnerable countries.
  • A perspective piece by Michel Liès, Chair of the Insurance Development Forum, discusses what it takes to move the Global Shield “From Ambition to Reality”.
  • And the fourth piece on the Global Shield, “From In-country Process to CDRFI Package”, illustrates the process of putting together the right set of tools and support to meet country-specific needs, co-authored by Theodore Talbot (Centre for Disaster Protection), Daniel Stadtmüller and Kay Tuschen (InsuResilience Secretariat)

This issue also highlights different accomplishments by the InsuResilience Global Partnership and its members: 

  • Starting with the InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutionsthe issue features an interview with gender finance expert, Vartika Shukla. 
  • This is followed by the latest InsuResilience Case Studies from our members, exemplifying some state-of-the-art approaches and the latest developments in Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance.
  • And finally, we provide you with a glance at the InsuResilience key indicators that visualize the progress made by InsuResilience programmes, and what is yet to be accomplished for reaching the targets of Vision 2025.

Topic / Theme:

Climate Change & Climate Policy (NAPs, NDCs)










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