LIVE TALK 01: Integrating Gender-Responsive Strategies into Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions

The InsuResilience Secretariat is happy to publish the report on key outcomes stemming from the first LIVE TALK on Integrating Gender-Responsive Strategies into Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions held on 3 June 2020.

The webinar was organized and promoted by FARM-D and the InsuResilience Global Partnership within the framework of their engagement together with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to gather insights of various stakeholders to inform guidance material being developed on how to include gender-smart solutions under the InsuResilience Global Partnership’s broader mandate.

Gender-responsive climate risk insurance (CRI) schemes can provide risk protection that addresses differences in women’s and men’s vulnerability to both climate risks and disaster-induced wellbeing losses. Within this framework in late 2018 the InsuResilience Global Partnership (‘the Partnership’) made a clear commitment to take proactive steps to integrate an intentional focus on gender within the execution of its mandate.

This commitment was informed by the findings of an initial background paper ‘Applying a Gender Lens to Climate Risk Finance and Insurance’ which identified a gap in the exploration of the gender-dimensions of different models of CRI. Building on this, in 2019 the Partnership commissioned a study ‘Integrating gender consideration into different models of climate risk insurance’ which explored the case for incorporating gender with a particular focus on women into different CRI schemes and provider types and identified examples of existing gender approaches.

This webinar provided insights from the study and generated an interactive discussion among key stakeholders on how gender responsive solutions can be integrated into different models of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI). As the first webinar of the series, it is laying the foundation to provide a deep dive into the recommendations that stem from the above-mentioned study, including an interactive discussion on how to include a gender-lens within monitoring and evaluation frameworks and investment or grant-making.

The purpose of the webinar series is to gather insights of various stakeholders to inform application of gender-smart solutions in risk finance strategies.

The overall objectives are:

  • Providing key insights on gender-sensitive approaches;
  • Presenting and sharing examples of existing gender-responsive CDRFI approaches and good practices; and
  • Informing the development of guidance and documentation to be developed on gender-responsive CDRFI approaches.

These webinars are intended for a broad range of stakeholder groups, including governments, civil society, international organizations, academia, and industry.

Please, find the report of the webinar here.

For a recording of the webinar, please view the FARM-D Platform.

Watch this space for the next LIVE TALK on Demonstrating Impact: “How to monitor and evaluate gender responsive climate and disaster risk finance and insurance schemes?”