The InsuResilience Solutions Fund 7th Call for Proposals is now open!

Innovative climate risk insurance wanted – 7th Call for Proposals of the ISF is open now! 


Timeframe: The 7th Call for Proposals of the InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF) is open until Thursday, 31 March 2022 at 23:59 CEST.

How to apply: In the download section of the ISF’s website, you will find the mandatory Concept Note Template to submit your project proposal, as well as further guiding documents regarding the funding and eligibility criteria as well as FAQ.

Before submitting your Concept Note to info@insuresilience-solutions-fund.org, please pay close attention to the provided overview.

Eligibility: The ISF supports the development of innovative and sustainable climate risk insurance products in countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA) with grand-based co-funding of up to EUR 2.5m in order to improve the resilience of households living on less than USD 15.00 Purchasing Power Parity a day.

Support: The ISF will host two Q&A sessions (content identical) in the second week of March. Interested parties wishing to attend are cordially invited to register for either of the sessions:

Window for agricultural insurance projects: Progress in sustainable agriculture and preservation of biodiversity are amongst the priorities of the German G7 presidency. In support of these policies and moving from ambition to implementation, the ISF has established a separate window specifically for climate risk insurance products complementing climate smart agricultural practices and promoting biodiversity with its 7th Call for Proposals (CSA window).

General ISF funding criteria remain valid also for this specific CSA window (see: items eligible for grant-based funding under Pillar III ). Therefore only costs directly or indirectly linked to the development of the specific climate risk insurance product may be co-funded by ISF.

Additional criteria to be fulfilled by proposals in the area of agricultural insurance: 

Agricultural insurance solutions proposed under the 7th CfP should identify and leverage linkages to CSA by focusing directly or indirectly (or have a component) on end-beneficiaries (farmers)

(1) who follow or adopt practices within the scope of the three overarching fundamentals of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) as defined by FAO:

    • sustainably increase food security by increasing agricultural productivity and incomes,


    • build resilience and adapt to climate change (promoting adaptive capacity at multiple levels),


    • reduce and / or remove greenhouse gas emissions where possible (enabling greenhouse gas – GHG – emission reductions and increasing carbon sinks),

(2) while at the same time maintaining or promoting biodiversity.

Examples of techniques and approaches can be found here.


For any further questions and / or enquiries about the ISF, please reach out to info@insuresilience-solutions-fund.org.