New Format of the InsuResilience Partnership Forum – Introducing Pre-Forum Series

We are delighted to introduce a brand-new format of InsuResilience Partnership Forum!

The InsuResilience Partnership Forum represents the flagship event of the Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) community, in which InsuResilience partners and members exchange on innovative approaches and expertise showcasing their work around the world.

This year, we are planning to launch a series of pre-forum technical exchange sessions to complement the next InsuResilience Partnership Forum, scheduled to take place in Spring 2023, in virtual form. These pre-forum sessions will serve as a platform to feature the thematic work of our members more prominently and focused to the international scene.

There will be three technical sessions in the coming months with three different themes:

Theme Timeline Registration
1.   Gender lens in CDRFI: Gender-smart climate and disaster risk investing and grant making – From principles to practice

20 September 2022

14:30 – 16:00 CET

Now open, click here
2.   CDRFI Evidence Roadmap November 2022, date TBC Coming soon
3.   Anticipatory Action and Risk Financing (TBC) November 2022, date TBC Coming soon

Information on the “Gender-smart climate and disaster risk investing and grant making: From principles to practice” pre-forum session

This webinar is co-organized by The InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions and the Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D). The goal of this webinar is to:

  1. Explore the definitions of and the business case for gender-smart investing and grant-making within CDRFI programmes;
  2. Identify existing approaches, implementation gaps, challenges, and opportunities to further enhance gender-smart investments and grant making within CDRFI programmes; and
  3. Gather input for the development of practitioner-driven guidance on gender-smart investing and grant making within CDRFI programmes.

We will be sharing more information on the rest of the sessions on this page soon so stay tuned for more updates. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get the latest updates on the pre-forum series.

In case you have missed this 1st Pre-Forum , please headover to our youtube channel to rewatch the recording. 

We look forward to your participation!