Global Shield

The Global Shield is a G7 / V20 collaborative partnership empowering countries with the tools, knowledge, and support to financially prepare themselves against climate risk

This subpage is an online repository of information about the Global Shield. Here, you will find an overview of the latest news, announcements, publications and events related to the Global Shield. For more detailed information about the Global Shield, head over to the Global Shield partner section, where you can directly access the core partners currently working on launching the Global Shield websites.

Overview of the Global Shield

The call by vulnerable countries within and outside UNFCCC for an adequate response to the climate crisis is loud and clear. In partnership with the V20, the G7 committed to jointly working towards a Global Shield against Climate Risks, collaborating closely with other partners.

Through this collaborative partnership, the V20 and the G7 want to scale up further action and support to address the urgent needs of poor and vulnerable people and countries facing increasing risks of losses and damages from climate change.

Increasing pre-arranged finance, which is disbursed quickly and reliably before or just after disasters happen, and expanding instruments of financial protection for governments, communities, businesses, and households can lower the impact of disasters. They can make vulnerable economies more resilient, safeguard sustainable development, and protect the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people.

It is therefore effectively contributing to the global efforts for averting, minimizing and addressing losses and damages exacerbated by climate change.

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Disclaimer: This is not the official Global Shield website. The official Global Shield website can be found here.

Key Global Shield Resources

Quick access to the key resources, links and documents for the Global Shield:

BMZ: Global Shield against Climate Risks

V20: Working towards a Global Shield against Climate Risks

 Conclusions of the 7th InsuResilience High-Level Consul-tative Group (HLCG) Meeting

PDF // 1,3 MB

V20 Ministerial Communiqué

Press release: V20 and G7 agree on financial protection cooperation, to formally launch Global Shield Against Climate Risks at COP27

A joint G7 and V20 ambition: Working towards a Global Shield against Climate Risks

PDF // 0,3 MB

Global Shield against Climate Risks: German G7 Presidency and V20 Concept

PDF // 0,5 MB

InsuResilience Magazine No. 2

PDF // 600 MB