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About the InsuResilience Global Partnership Forum 2020


The Partnership Forum is one of the bodies of the InsuResilience Global Partnership. Its annual meeting, the Global Partnership Forum, is the largest gathering of members from across the globe. The event brings together all members and partners of the InsuResilience Global Partnership – from governments to representatives of international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia. It serves as a platform to exchange experience and knowledge and raise awareness about risk finance and insurance by engaging all stakeholders of the Partnership in an inclusive way. The first three Partnership Forums took place in November 2017 during COP23 in Bonn, December 2018 during COP24 in Katowice and December 2019 during COP25 in Madrid.

This year’s Annual Forum contributed to dialogue under the dictum “Protecting development in a changing climate risk environment.” Communities are experiencing a change in the perils they traditionally face, and the times that these shocks happen have become unexpected. For example, areas prone to droughts face fears of floods and vice versa or even tropical cyclones hitting areas where none has been observed since the satellite era. Communities are struggling with multiple hazards happening simultaneously. For example, the cyclone Amphan experienced in India and Bangladesh, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, places these communities at the edge of their survival. Simultaneously, some regions in Africa will have to endure droughts and floods amidst the pandemic.

The compounding effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate threats makes even more acute the exposure of poor and vulnerable communities to climate risks. Indeed, there is a need to focus on protecting and sustaining the development gains in an environment of uncertain climate risks. Notwithstanding the challenging situation that we find ourselves in, individuals and communities have employed various measures to support and alleviate the current crisis’s challenges.

In this four-day event, we aimed to share and learn how we can preserve the development gains against future risks, hazards, and disasters. The Annual Forum offered a platform to share efforts and practices, explore pathways for scaling up existing, and launching new instruments towards strengthened resilience in the face of increasing climatic risk. Additionally, sharing on what did not work and how to “fall forward.”

We presented activities being driven by locals in steering resilience and protecting development gains in a changing risk environment through focused themes. These included but were not limited to consideration of pandemics in climate risk environments, integrated approaches in CDRFI solutions, and the Centre of Excellence’s launch.

Furthermore, stakeholders and partners had the opportunity to revise their commitments of actions and pledges.


The recordings of all four days are available on the InsuResilience Global Partnership Youtube Channel.

  • Day 1: ‘High-Level Event’ From strategy to implementation – deliverables on the road to Vision 2025; Part 1 & Part 2

  • Day 2: ‘Interactive Solution-Building’ Decision-Making under Uncertainty in a Changing Multi-Hazard Climate and Disaster Risk Environment; Part 1 & Part 2

  • Day 3: ‘Regional learning’ How does Climate and Disaster Risk Financing contribute to building resilience?

  • Day 4: ‘Impacting lives’ + Closing Session Presenting evidence of how CDRFI impacts lives; Part 1 & Part 2




  • Driving a shared agenda to raise ambition and set standards on the successful implementation of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions that deliver effectively for poor and vulnerable people
  • Moving from political ambition to implementation – How to achieve the objectives of Vision 2025?
  • Fostering an inclusive dialogue among various stakeholders on strengthening the resilience of the poor and vulnerable.
  • Create an opportunity to network and establish a partner and stakeholder organization network, focusing on the locally led action.
  • Achieve visibility for the Partnership as the global platform promoting CDRFI solutions
  • Inform and shape discussions around CDRFI towards improved alignment with broader adaptation strategies and strengthening the poor and vulnerable to climate shocks resilience.