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About the InsuResilience Global Partnership Forum 2018


The Partnership Forum is one of the bodies of the InsuResilience Global Partnership. Its annual meeting, the Global Partnership Forum, is the largest in-person gathering of members from across the globe. The full-day event brings together all members and partners of the InsuResilience Global Partnership – from governments to representatives of international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia. It serves as a platform to exchange experience and knowledge, and raise awareness about risk finance and insurance by engaging all stakeholders of the Partnership in an inclusive way. The first Partnership Forum took place in November 2017 during COP23 in Bonn.

The 2nd Partnership Forum in December 2018 will focus on exploring successful ways to promote climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions and making them more effective in support of a global resilience agenda. In particular, it will aim to identify lessons learned from country cases on how these solutions can be most effective in strengthening the resilience of the poor and vulnerable against climate risks. What are success stories and learnings from partner countries, and which features of existing projects can serve as “blueprints” for other schemes? What are the learnings from private sector and civil society? What are their expectations and ways forward for the Partnership?

This year’s Partnership Forum will be action-oriented: It will take stock of progress made, share good practice, and address emerging challenges in order to stimulate an open dialogue on how to strengthen our collaboration. It will act as an interactive platform generating constructive discussion and gathering feedback on good practices to help the Global Partnership further develop its joint responses to complex and evolving challenges in the field.


  • Highlight country strategies of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance, discussing best practice and challenges arising in their implementation.
  • Identify success factors and building blocks of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance solutions that deliver effectively for poor and vulnerable people through the exchange of best practices and experiences from existing projects – including the experiences and new ideas on solutions from the private sector.
  • Enable networking and community-building by promoting collaboration between supporters, partners and stakeholders, strengthening participation, cooperation and coordination and ensuring that all relevant views are heard.
  • Achieve visibility of the Partnership to generate support for the climate and disaster risk finance and insurance agenda embedded in the wider ambition to strengthen the resilience of the poor and vulnerable to climate-related disasters.