Governance of the InsuResilience Global Partnership

The InsuResilience Global Partnership implements and expands climate risk finance and insurance solutions through its main bodies: The High-Level Consultative Group, the Program Alliance and the Partnership Forum. The InsuResilience Secretariat serves as a support unit to the Global Partnership.

High-Level Consultative Group

The governing body of the Partnership

Partnership Forum

The exchange platform of the Partnership

Program Alliance

The delivery vehicle of the Partnership


The support unit of the Partnership

High-Level Consultative Group

The High-Level Consultative Group (HLCG) is the governing body of the Partnership. It ensures effective coordination and sharing of information, promotes strategic alignment of the Partnership Forum and the Program Alliance and provides strategic guidance to the Partnership. Through its work, the HLCG promotes the exchange between V20 and G20 in climate and disaster risk finance and insurance and resilience.

The HLCG is formed by representatives from all member groups, reflecting the diversity of stakeholders involved in the Partnership. Two Co-Chairs, representing V20 and G20 members each, lead the HLCG and represent the Partnership. They oversee the Secretariat and take decisions based on proposals and inputs provided by partners, working groups and the Secretariat. Furthermore, they set the overall direction for the Partnership Forum and guide through the annual Partnership Forum with support from the Secretariat.

Members of the HLCG represent the InsuResilience Global Partnership and promote its goals by strengthening its strategy and visibility.

Partnership Forum

The Partnership Forum is a platform to exchange experience and knowledge, and raise awareness about risk finance and insurance by engaging all stakeholders of the Partnership in an inclusive way.

The Partnership Forum encompasses different ways for exchange between partners, such as the annual Partnership Forum, the interactive online platform RISK TALK, working groups, and at the request of the members further activities such as workshops and webinars.

The annual Partnership Forum at the end of each year brings together all members to exchange knowledge on lessons learnt, best practice, and innovations. The results can help to improve and upscale financial protection for poor and vulnerable people.

The working groups aim to strengthen exchange between members outside the annual Forum and to advance new developments within the Partnership. Working groups are set up on a demand-driven basis to focus on themes that warrant more in-depth attention, drawing on the membership as well as individual experts. The working groups can develop guidelines, principles and orientation for the Partnership.

Program Alliance

The Program Alliance is an alliance of programs that share the common ambition to strengthen the financial resilience of the poor and vulnerable population against climate and disaster risks, and to facilitate efficient and coordinated global action on climate and disaster risk finance and insurance. The Program Alliance helps to coordinate donor contributions to countries, in line with the overarching goals of the Partnership.

The main focus lies on driving forward the development, implementation and financing of practical solutions. As the collaborative delivery vehicle of the Partnership, the Program Alliance delivers a full package of services related to climate and disaster risk finance and insurance, including: (a) research, data, modelling, innovation & learning; (b) technical assistance; (c) solution design and implementation; (d) concessional insurance and (e) monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

The Program Alliance brings together members from donors and implementing partners. Through the Program Alliance, countries benefit from the activities of the following programs:

  1. Centre for Global Disaster Protection (established by DFID/World Bank)
  2. InsuResilience Climate Risk Financing and Insurance Program (CRFIP) (established by the World Bank)
  3. InsuResilience Solutions Fund (established by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)/KfW Development Bank)
  4. InsuResilience Secretariat’s Work Program


The InsuResilience Secretariat serves as a support unit for the Global Partnership. It was established in 2016 in Bonn and is hosted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The main tasks of the Secretariat are to enhance the visibility of the InsuResilience Global Partnership, to foster communication and cooperation among all relevant actors of the Partnership and to facilitate knowledge management. It also monitors and ensures progress and target achievement.

The Secretariat supports the Partnership in all tasks and serves all stakeholders equally – donors and partner countries as well as actors from politics, the private sector, civil society and academia across the globe.

Dr. Astrid Zwick

Head of InsuResilience Secretariat

Petra Sánchez


Ulrike Pohl

Administration Officer

Delia Kaiser


Katharina Nett


Christina Schubert-Fiebig


Daniel Stadtmüller