One Year Later: Implementing the Evidence Roadmap on climate and disaster risk finance and insurance using innovative solutions

COP 27 Resilience Hub
9 November // 14:30 to 15:30


Amal-Lee Amin, Climate Change Coordinator, British International Investment
Vositha Wijenayake, Executive Director, SLYCAN Trust
Simon Schwall, CEO, OKO insurance and Ella Kircher, PhD student, University of Goettingen
Dr. Ulrich Volz, Director, University Network for Strengthening Macrofinancial
Resilience to Climate and Environmental Change, RAMP
Sven Harten, Deval


Climate and Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance (CDRFI) solutions are new to the global stage and many countries, businesses, and families are interested in adapting these instruments to help mitigate the impact of extreme weather events. The Evidence Roadmap sets out the central open (research) questions to scale CDRFI solutions and improve their reach and impact. It aims to increase the evidence base for CDRFI and move the focus from one of innovation to one of learning.


Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
World Resources Institute (WRI)

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COP 27 Resilience Hub