InsuResilience Annual Forum 2018

Paving the way to effective risk financing solutions

10th December 2018 | Katowice, Poland

Annual Forum 2018

At COP 23, the InsuResilience Global Partnership was launched to strengthen the resilience of developing countries and to protect the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people from the impacts of disasters. One year later, the Partnership Forum will convene for the second time to take stock of how far the Global Partnership has come in its first year and to discuss how to shape the way forward.

The challenge ahead of us is huge and requires coherent efforts from the climate and disaster risk finance and insurance community around the globe. Therefore, we invite you to join our second Partnership Forum and exchange experiences, share knowledge from existing efforts and raise awareness about risk finance and insurance. Join up with colleagues and experts from the community and help us shape the InsuResilience Global Partnership.