Case study

World Food Programme – Guatemala

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is exposed to different shocks threatening communities’ livelihoods and food security. Building the resilience of the most vulnerable and food insecure is a priority for the World Food Programme (WFP), with risk financing playing an important role. WFP LAC has adopted a Risk Financing Strategy to enable incorporation of inclusive risk finance into sustainable and scalable policies, programmes and partnerships through innovative approaches. Inspired by this regional strategy, WFP Guatemala is currently adopting a layered approach where the complementarity between microinsurance, forecast-based financing (FbF), and macro and meso risk financing tools is at the core.

Topic / Theme:

Agriculture, Capacity Building, Climate & Disaster Risk Management, Forecast-Based Financing, Risk Data & Information

Solutions / Instruments:

Contingent Credit, Creation of DRF Strategy, Microinsurance Businesses, Microinsurance Households, Sovereign Risk Transfer


Latin America & Caribbean